Our Promise

Our jewelry pieces are made one a time with care, craftsmanship, and the finest gems and diamonds.  We pride ourselves on our production and are willing to stand by our products.      
Jewelry Warranty; every piece of jewelry is covered under our "every 6" warranty.  We will cover all normal wear and tear use on our items sold with a simple visit from you and your beloved piece.  We provide you with a free evaluation every six months and free upkeep with any normal wear and need of care to your jewelry including and not limited too, tightening, clean, inspection and replacement of any small stone if " the cause appears to be that of manufacturing and not that of the owner and their direct use of the jewelry".
For our out of state clients we will extend your warranty with our "every 12" warranty.  We will accept all jewelry items via mail and are happy to provide you with our carriers insurance at a greatly reduced cost of insurance to you.  All above services to your jewelry will be performed to ensure your items are in excellent condition.